Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Remaining reflections

Today we have been able to critique our route plans and start drawing the detail on our birds. I have learnt how to observe detail and be able to draw them accurately. Drafting has helped because it allows me to see my mistakes and improve them. People in the team have helped me by pointing out my errors so I can improve. I have helped the team by always being there to provide constructive criticism. I can improve by staying on task and working to the best of my ability. The team needs to improve by being able to work together more effectively. I have listened really well and taken on board any feedback I have been given. 

What went well- We have made some more progress towards our birds, and started doing maps, bike facts and things like that.
We can improve by being more efficient at work, and being more consistent at work quality.

What have we learned- We have learned that that you need a lot of patience and concentration to do good in the project fortnight.
The team needs to concentrate more, and stop getting distracted by eachother.

How has drafting helped? Drafting has improved my Common Tern from looking like a squashed duck to a Common Tern.

How has someone in the team helped me? James helped critique my bird to make the body look more like the bird I was drawing. Benjamin helped me with the map.

How have I helped the team? I helped critique and I worked hard. I also tried to encourage people to help.

Me putting more effort in my work and not be distracted

I have learned how to work as a group and take part and ask and answer questions

Draft has helped me by if i do something wrong i can change it and make it more better

They have asked questions about my bird and how its features make it different to other birds

By putting effort in my work and not laughing with people

Try not to laugh with the silly people

We need to listen more to the teacher.

I listen well but the team can improve by stop acting like little kids and act there like they want to be here

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