Tuesday, 23 June 2015

More reflections

I think that I am getting better at drawing my bird because I can now draw the complete bird. Drafting birds can help you identify different birds better. Curtis has help me because he told me how to draw the wings of the of a swift and he drew the boxes for the bird.I don't think that I have help anyone because i did not ask anybody for help I was just thinking for myself. Icloud do better at believing in  myself for confidence. I should've listened more so I could do more and it would be easier for me to work. 

I think that today has went really good, except i had a few downfalls in period 3. I have learned how to ride safely on a bike, how to finish of drawing my Sparrow Hawk. While drafting it has helped me allot because on my first draft i had a picture in my head of what a Sparrow Hawk looked like, then i actually saw one and it amazed me. I had never seen such a wonderful bird in my life. Now since I have just finished my final draft it looks completly diffrent and it is a good thing. A lot of people have helped my in this project such as Ryan, Kieran, Thomas and many more, they have gave me loads of support while riding and working and that pleases me. I have helped the team by helping people find things in the classroom and while biking i was helping people up a very steep hill.

birds on a bike has been good from the start  have learnt not to give  in i said i couldn't draw but now i have produced a good drawing of a bird drafting has helped me produce a better drawing joe has helped me when i was riding up a hill and he slowed down to my pace and encouraged me not to stop i could do better at helping the group with decisions i could of listened better to the group

  1. we have worked well (mostly) and got work done and hopefully tomorow complete it.
  2. i have learned that bullfinch like to hide away in hedges and bushes and are sometimes treated as pests.
  3. it has helped me learn from my mistakes and not always just rub things out.
  4. nathan has helped me about my bird by spotting things that i wouldn't of saw.
  5. i have helped the team by creating a map to holywell pond which will go with a piece of writing that someone else in my team has done.
  6. i could not mess on with rubbers and try not to laugh at things i shouldn't be laughing at.
  7. we need to all change our behavior and get things done.
  8. i have listened well and understood everything i have been told

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