Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The conservation status of our birds.

Conservation status
Bird species
  • Globally threatened
  • Historical population decline in UK during 1800–1995
  • Severe (at least 50%) decline in UK breeding population over last 25 years, or longer-term period (the entire period used for assessments since the first BoCC review, starting in 1969).
  • Severe (at least 50%) contraction of UK breeding range over last 25 years, or the longer-term period
Herring Gull,
Song Thrush,
Grey Partridge
House Sparrow

  • Species with unfavourable conservation status in Europe (SPEC = Species of European Conservation Concern)
  • Historical population decline during 1800–1995, but recovering; population size has more than doubled over last 25 years
  • Moderate (25-49%) decline in UK breeding population over last 25 years, or the longer-term period
  • Moderate (25-49%) contraction of UK breeding range over last 25 years, or the longer-term period
  • Moderate (25-49%) decline in UK non-breeding population over last 25 years, or the longer-term period
  • Rare breeder; 1–300 breeding pairs in UK
  • Rare non-breeders; less than 900 individuals
  • Localised; at least 50% of UK breeding or non-breeding population in 10 or fewer sites, but not applied to rare breeders or non-breeders
  • Internationally important; at least 20% of European breeding or non-breeding population in UK (NW European and East Atlantic Flyway populations used for non-breeding wildfowl and waders respectively)
Common Tern,
Tufted duck,
Green Woodpecker
Lesser Black-back gull,
Sand Martin
Sandwich tern
Little Grebe
Willow warbler
House Martin
Black headed gull
Grey wagtail
Common gull

  • Species that occur regularly in the UK but do not qualify under any or the above criteria
Wood Pigeon,
Carrion Crow
Mute Swan
Collared Dove
Pied Wagtail
Grey Heron
Rock Dove

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Bird conservation

Remaining reflections

Today we have been able to critique our route plans and start drawing the detail on our birds. I have learnt how to observe detail and be able to draw them accurately. Drafting has helped because it allows me to see my mistakes and improve them. People in the team have helped me by pointing out my errors so I can improve. I have helped the team by always being there to provide constructive criticism. I can improve by staying on task and working to the best of my ability. The team needs to improve by being able to work together more effectively. I have listened really well and taken on board any feedback I have been given. 

What went well- We have made some more progress towards our birds, and started doing maps, bike facts and things like that.
We can improve by being more efficient at work, and being more consistent at work quality.

What have we learned- We have learned that that you need a lot of patience and concentration to do good in the project fortnight.
The team needs to concentrate more, and stop getting distracted by eachother.

How has drafting helped? Drafting has improved my Common Tern from looking like a squashed duck to a Common Tern.

How has someone in the team helped me? James helped critique my bird to make the body look more like the bird I was drawing. Benjamin helped me with the map.

How have I helped the team? I helped critique and I worked hard. I also tried to encourage people to help.

Me putting more effort in my work and not be distracted

I have learned how to work as a group and take part and ask and answer questions

Draft has helped me by if i do something wrong i can change it and make it more better

They have asked questions about my bird and how its features make it different to other birds

By putting effort in my work and not laughing with people

Try not to laugh with the silly people

We need to listen more to the teacher.

I listen well but the team can improve by stop acting like little kids and act there like they want to be here

Even more reflections

What has gone well?
I think the last period went well but so did the rest but not as good as the fourth one. We all worked as a team on the bike rides and the work.

what have you learned?
Over the last week and a half i have learned to draft and redraft to improve your work and i found out if you use boxes to draw it makes it better.

How has drafting helped you?
drafting has helped me with my draw to get better and better at the end i got my draw and mapping very good.

How has someone in the team helped you?
Joe helped me when i was at the bottom of a big hill and he was at the top and he came down and started to encourage me and the rest of the team.

How have you helped the team?
I have helped the team by encouraging them with there work and the bike riding.I think this helped the team to do better.

I think that we worked quite well but at times we were off task. we definitely could of listened better when the teacher was talking.I helped someone with a draft of their bird drawing by telling them how to improve the wings and body.Drafting didn't help me because I didn't get the critique I needed.I think I could of stayed on task and managed my distractions better.I think I could of listened better by ignoring people that were being silly. Someone helped me by telling me the rough angles and the sizes of the body parts of the bird I was drawing.

I think today went well because my team helped each other focus and work hard. Drafting has really helped me get my picture to perfection. Nathan really helped me by critiquing my work and helping me make it better. I've helped my team critiquing their work and helping them make it better. I think the team needs to be focused more often because some of us will be focused and the rest won't be focused. I think we also need to work a little bit faster so we definitely get the job done in time. I think I listened really well as did my team.

Another reflection

What has went well?
I think we have made some progress from the start and we have worked well as a team at times.

What have you learned?
I have learned about lots of different birds and how to tell them apart from birds that look the same. Also I have learned how to recognise a bird from it’s call.

How has drafting helped you?
Drafting has helped me because I have got better each time and I can see my mistakes and faults in each draft and made it better in the next draft.

How has someone in the team helped you?
Dan has helped me as he told me how to make my drawing better and told me what to do when I didn’t know. Benji has helped me as he helped me keep riding when I was ready to give up and he kept me motivated.

How have you helped the team?
I have helped the team by getting my job done when I needed to and I helped other people when they needed helping.

What can you do to be better?
I can make suggestions to help other people as I don’t make many suggestions and I let other people do all of the work.

What does the team need to do better?
I think the team in general need to shout less and take turns in talking in groups. Also we need to be less silly and not get distracted as easily.

How well have you listened- how can we improve it?

I as an individual have listened quite well but I have joined the people that have been laughing sometimes and stopped listening instead. As a group I don’t think we have listened very well as we have started laughing and when we’ve been sent to do work haven't been listening and we have to ask what to do.

More reflections

I think that I am getting better at drawing my bird because I can now draw the complete bird. Drafting birds can help you identify different birds better. Curtis has help me because he told me how to draw the wings of the of a swift and he drew the boxes for the bird.I don't think that I have help anyone because i did not ask anybody for help I was just thinking for myself. Icloud do better at believing in  myself for confidence. I should've listened more so I could do more and it would be easier for me to work. 

I think that today has went really good, except i had a few downfalls in period 3. I have learned how to ride safely on a bike, how to finish of drawing my Sparrow Hawk. While drafting it has helped me allot because on my first draft i had a picture in my head of what a Sparrow Hawk looked like, then i actually saw one and it amazed me. I had never seen such a wonderful bird in my life. Now since I have just finished my final draft it looks completly diffrent and it is a good thing. A lot of people have helped my in this project such as Ryan, Kieran, Thomas and many more, they have gave me loads of support while riding and working and that pleases me. I have helped the team by helping people find things in the classroom and while biking i was helping people up a very steep hill.

birds on a bike has been good from the start  have learnt not to give  in i said i couldn't draw but now i have produced a good drawing of a bird drafting has helped me produce a better drawing joe has helped me when i was riding up a hill and he slowed down to my pace and encouraged me not to stop i could do better at helping the group with decisions i could of listened better to the group

  1. we have worked well (mostly) and got work done and hopefully tomorow complete it.
  2. i have learned that bullfinch like to hide away in hedges and bushes and are sometimes treated as pests.
  3. it has helped me learn from my mistakes and not always just rub things out.
  4. nathan has helped me about my bird by spotting things that i wouldn't of saw.
  5. i have helped the team by creating a map to holywell pond which will go with a piece of writing that someone else in my team has done.
  6. i could not mess on with rubbers and try not to laugh at things i shouldn't be laughing at.
  7. we need to all change our behavior and get things done.
  8. i have listened well and understood everything i have been told

Jordy refelction.

reflection Jordy What has went well: I think some things has gone well but some things have just not. I think writing down facts on how to ride on a road safely because we got down what we need at the end. What have you learned: I have learned quite a few things in this project like how to do m-check on a bike and how to fix a puncture in like 2 minutes. How has someone helped you in the team: Someone has helped me in the team by telling me what was wrong with my bird and what to change. How have you helped someone in your team: I have helped someone in the team by telling them how to make their work better and make more sense. What can you do better: I think I can do better by listening more to people and stop laughing at silliness. What does the team need to do better: I think the team need to do better is listen to each other and stop messing around. How well have you listened: I think that i haven't listened well enough then I would so I need to choose who i sit nest to

An unpunctuated reflection.

At the start of the project i wasn’t feeling positive because i thought bird watching was going to be boring but then when i actually got used to it and when we went out on our bikes there was loads of species and i was beginning to learn about the birds and the biking was brilliant when we went to places like the coast and Bedlington,Holywell,Arcot and East Cramlington Nature Reserve and this last week we have been doing drawings of birds and we have drafted and drafted and it makes my work look better they helped me by saying my work is good and excellent Mrs shanks helped me with my map and route picture i gave reflection to my teammates and others around me i can improve by doing more drafts and reflection the team needs to not be silly and get more work done i think i have listened well and we could improve it better by not talking when others and Mr Mead also helped me because he reflected on my work and helped me with map as well.

Reflection- Elliot

:What has went well I think that the bit in the lesson when we got to go in smaller groups because it got me to talk to some people that i have not talked to yet.Also i think it was good that other people got to mark our work because if you mark your work you think that it will be fine but there will be a mistake but if other people read it they will see it. :What have you learned I have learned that there is a lot more birds in cramlington then i thought there was and i have learned 50 new birds so i very pleased with myself. :How has drafting helped you I think that drafting is a very good idea because you can look back at what you have done and where you need to improve on also you can see how well you have done from your 1st one to your last one. :How has someone in the team helped you. Mrs Shanks because when we were going up a very big hill she was telling me to keep on going and dont give up also dan jones has helped me too because he has been my partner for most of the bike rider and we were telling each other to keep going. :How have you helped the team i was telling people not give up and keep going because i did not want to be to far a head. :What can you do better I can maybe try not to tell people hurry i should let them go at there own pace.

Learning about teamwork from the peloton

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

How to Ride In Groups- By Ryan

The Safe Way.

Riding in groups can be very dangerous, so it is important that you are concentrated 100%. All riders must be in a firm line in two pairs, it’s extremely important that you do not over take as it may escalate quickly into a huge collision.
It is extremely important that you wear helmets as crashing can lead into serious injuries and if you land your head it may lead to a concussion.

Today's target species.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Day one reflection- Birds, Bikes and Listening.


I have learned different species today, such as, House Sparrow and A Black Headed Gull.


I learned how to fix a puncture on my bike. 


I was listening very well today and was focused on spotting birds.

Today I have learnt how to identify birds such as a wood pigeon. I have practised how to change a puncture and how to do a m check. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

 i have lernt what diffrent birds are 
i have lernt how to fix a puncher

Today i have learned how fix your wheel if you a popped i can now fix it
also i have learned about lots  of new birds#

i learned about all of the different british birds and how to fix a byke 

I have learnt how to properly look after my bike. To add to that I now know how to fix a puncture.     I now know how to look for birds and spot which ones are which. I think the group s listening could overall be improved.
I have learned how to bird watch properly and be quite when bird watching

In birdwatching I learned:
  • We need to be quiet to be able to hear the birds.
  • Stand still to get a better view of the birds.
In cycling I learned:
  • How to change a popped inner tube for a new one.
  • How to do the ‘m check
I've learned that you need a lot of patience and to pay a lot of attention for birdwatching, same for biking, except you need to be independent

i have learnt to day how to get the tyre of a rim on a bike and how to fix a puncture.
this  could help me if i'm in trouble

Today I have learned how to remove a tire on a bike much quicker and that it is easier to just put a new inner tube on.

I have learned a lot about birds today. I can now name different birds

I learned that if you get a tyre puncture, it's not as it looks to repair it.
I learned that listening skills are crucial to bird watching, and spotting.
i learned that you have to be vitaly quiet to spot the best birds.
I learnt how to do the 'M' check on my bike. I learnt how to fix a punctured bike tyre. I also learnt if you look harder and have patience you will find some great birds!

This weeks schedule

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Aims of the project.

This project is a all about getting young people outside to enjoy: the sun, the rain; the wildlife;the air flow; the whirr of wheels; peace and quiet;being part of a community;where they live.

Students will learn basic cycle maintenance, how to identify birds, where the local cycle routes go and what can be enjoyed along the way, In addition they will learn some ecological basics, practice their grammar and communication skills.

Building on the success of previous birding projects and the students will produce a guide to Cramlngton that raises awareness of wildlife and conservation concernas and the benefits of exercise in greenspaces.

The project will last for the next two week and our product will be launched at Exhibition Saturday at Cramlington Learning Village on Saturday 27th June 2015.