Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Another reflection

What has went well?
I think we have made some progress from the start and we have worked well as a team at times.

What have you learned?
I have learned about lots of different birds and how to tell them apart from birds that look the same. Also I have learned how to recognise a bird from it’s call.

How has drafting helped you?
Drafting has helped me because I have got better each time and I can see my mistakes and faults in each draft and made it better in the next draft.

How has someone in the team helped you?
Dan has helped me as he told me how to make my drawing better and told me what to do when I didn’t know. Benji has helped me as he helped me keep riding when I was ready to give up and he kept me motivated.

How have you helped the team?
I have helped the team by getting my job done when I needed to and I helped other people when they needed helping.

What can you do to be better?
I can make suggestions to help other people as I don’t make many suggestions and I let other people do all of the work.

What does the team need to do better?
I think the team in general need to shout less and take turns in talking in groups. Also we need to be less silly and not get distracted as easily.

How well have you listened- how can we improve it?

I as an individual have listened quite well but I have joined the people that have been laughing sometimes and stopped listening instead. As a group I don’t think we have listened very well as we have started laughing and when we’ve been sent to do work haven't been listening and we have to ask what to do.

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