Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Jordy refelction.

reflection Jordy What has went well: I think some things has gone well but some things have just not. I think writing down facts on how to ride on a road safely because we got down what we need at the end. What have you learned: I have learned quite a few things in this project like how to do m-check on a bike and how to fix a puncture in like 2 minutes. How has someone helped you in the team: Someone has helped me in the team by telling me what was wrong with my bird and what to change. How have you helped someone in your team: I have helped someone in the team by telling them how to make their work better and make more sense. What can you do better: I think I can do better by listening more to people and stop laughing at silliness. What does the team need to do better: I think the team need to do better is listen to each other and stop messing around. How well have you listened: I think that i haven't listened well enough then I would so I need to choose who i sit nest to

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