Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Reflection- Elliot

:What has went well I think that the bit in the lesson when we got to go in smaller groups because it got me to talk to some people that i have not talked to yet.Also i think it was good that other people got to mark our work because if you mark your work you think that it will be fine but there will be a mistake but if other people read it they will see it. :What have you learned I have learned that there is a lot more birds in cramlington then i thought there was and i have learned 50 new birds so i very pleased with myself. :How has drafting helped you I think that drafting is a very good idea because you can look back at what you have done and where you need to improve on also you can see how well you have done from your 1st one to your last one. :How has someone in the team helped you. Mrs Shanks because when we were going up a very big hill she was telling me to keep on going and dont give up also dan jones has helped me too because he has been my partner for most of the bike rider and we were telling each other to keep going. :How have you helped the team i was telling people not give up and keep going because i did not want to be to far a head. :What can you do better I can maybe try not to tell people hurry i should let them go at there own pace.

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