Monday, 15 June 2015

Day one reflection- Birds, Bikes and Listening.


I have learned different species today, such as, House Sparrow and A Black Headed Gull.


I learned how to fix a puncture on my bike. 


I was listening very well today and was focused on spotting birds.

Today I have learnt how to identify birds such as a wood pigeon. I have practised how to change a puncture and how to do a m check. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

 i have lernt what diffrent birds are 
i have lernt how to fix a puncher

Today i have learned how fix your wheel if you a popped i can now fix it
also i have learned about lots  of new birds#

i learned about all of the different british birds and how to fix a byke 

I have learnt how to properly look after my bike. To add to that I now know how to fix a puncture.     I now know how to look for birds and spot which ones are which. I think the group s listening could overall be improved.
I have learned how to bird watch properly and be quite when bird watching

In birdwatching I learned:
  • We need to be quiet to be able to hear the birds.
  • Stand still to get a better view of the birds.
In cycling I learned:
  • How to change a popped inner tube for a new one.
  • How to do the ‘m check
I've learned that you need a lot of patience and to pay a lot of attention for birdwatching, same for biking, except you need to be independent

i have learnt to day how to get the tyre of a rim on a bike and how to fix a puncture.
this  could help me if i'm in trouble

Today I have learned how to remove a tire on a bike much quicker and that it is easier to just put a new inner tube on.

I have learned a lot about birds today. I can now name different birds

I learned that if you get a tyre puncture, it's not as it looks to repair it.
I learned that listening skills are crucial to bird watching, and spotting.
i learned that you have to be vitaly quiet to spot the best birds.
I learnt how to do the 'M' check on my bike. I learnt how to fix a punctured bike tyre. I also learnt if you look harder and have patience you will find some great birds!

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