Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Even more reflections

What has gone well?
I think the last period went well but so did the rest but not as good as the fourth one. We all worked as a team on the bike rides and the work.

what have you learned?
Over the last week and a half i have learned to draft and redraft to improve your work and i found out if you use boxes to draw it makes it better.

How has drafting helped you?
drafting has helped me with my draw to get better and better at the end i got my draw and mapping very good.

How has someone in the team helped you?
Joe helped me when i was at the bottom of a big hill and he was at the top and he came down and started to encourage me and the rest of the team.

How have you helped the team?
I have helped the team by encouraging them with there work and the bike riding.I think this helped the team to do better.

I think that we worked quite well but at times we were off task. we definitely could of listened better when the teacher was talking.I helped someone with a draft of their bird drawing by telling them how to improve the wings and body.Drafting didn't help me because I didn't get the critique I needed.I think I could of stayed on task and managed my distractions better.I think I could of listened better by ignoring people that were being silly. Someone helped me by telling me the rough angles and the sizes of the body parts of the bird I was drawing.

I think today went well because my team helped each other focus and work hard. Drafting has really helped me get my picture to perfection. Nathan really helped me by critiquing my work and helping me make it better. I've helped my team critiquing their work and helping them make it better. I think the team needs to be focused more often because some of us will be focused and the rest won't be focused. I think we also need to work a little bit faster so we definitely get the job done in time. I think I listened really well as did my team.

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