Tuesday, 23 June 2015

An unpunctuated reflection.

At the start of the project i wasn’t feeling positive because i thought bird watching was going to be boring but then when i actually got used to it and when we went out on our bikes there was loads of species and i was beginning to learn about the birds and the biking was brilliant when we went to places like the coast and Bedlington,Holywell,Arcot and East Cramlington Nature Reserve and this last week we have been doing drawings of birds and we have drafted and drafted and it makes my work look better they helped me by saying my work is good and excellent Mrs shanks helped me with my map and route picture i gave reflection to my teammates and others around me i can improve by doing more drafts and reflection the team needs to not be silly and get more work done i think i have listened well and we could improve it better by not talking when others and Mr Mead also helped me because he reflected on my work and helped me with map as well.

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